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My introduction to structured decision management was in an engineering context. Engineering is about making good decisions based on the requirements of the problem and the constraints of the environment. There are lots of ‘hard parts’ to doing engineering successfully, but in essence, it is about having good data (including needs/requirements), understanding constraints and applying them to problem solving. I have found that this is also true for life in general.

The framework for structured decision management is not complex and can be applied consistently across a number of domains. While not complex itself, challenging goals can be addressed with an effort commensurate with the complexity of the goal and complications of the data acquisition process. *

My goal is to provide training for techniques and tools that support structured decision making/decision management in life, innovation and development processes. Not surprisingly, these activities can be related through our decision management framework.

  • My observations and comments may be biased or limited to my experiences. Your experiences may corroborate or contradict my conclusions but the framework should help in that assessment.
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